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I’m still reeling from my phone call from Judy about making it to the first round in the Pillsbury Crescent Brand Ambassador contest. I’d written about the snake that I make each Halloween. It is a big hit at the Peavy Annual Halloween Bash. Most years I have to make about 5 or 6 of them. All different varieties.

It is a wonderful snack and lots of fun. Sometimes it has ham, cheese and salami. Sometimes it’s a pizza type snake complete with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.  Most of my friends know that I’m big on Pillsbury brands because they have the Box Tops for Education on them. Each package that I use gives .10 back to the schools!

Yesterday we spent working out the recipes. They are in my head but not on paper so it took a bit of work to write it down and not miss a step! I didn’t realize just how difficult those cookbook writers have it!

Pickles. Well, due to the van overheating and my crescent creations I didn’t seem to get the pickles made yesterday. Today is Peavy Pickle Day!  We’re making my grandmother’s hot pickles. Had to go back to the store today to buy more dill. It went bad since I didn’t make the pickles when I first intended.

Jars are in the dishwasher sanitizing. Pickle brine is about to be boiling. Will did all the measuring. He’s quite excited about the pickles since he LOVES salt. It’s one of his favorite food groups.

He is in need of projects today as he has to stay away from his other favorites…caffeine and chocolate candy. He isn’t allowed to have either prior to his sleep test tonight.  I can’t wait. Not sure what to expect since he’s never had a sleep test. They tell me it’s lights out at 7pm. Keep in mind that Will’s normal summer bedtime has been about 11pm. Not sure how that’s going to work. I’m hoping to get Caitlin to wear him out at the park or jumping on the trampoline today.

Sort of a difficult task with 100 degree heat outside but I’m sure she’ll come up with something.

Off to get those pickles made…finally!!!


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What did Will do now?

My day had just gone downhill from the time I got up yesterday. My son has been on track for a sleep study for almost six months. They called to let me know that the doctors wouldn’t be in on Tuesday so we had to reschedule. And, unfortunately, there was no open appointment. Hm. I guess the “doctors” didn’t know they were supposed to work?

This would really throw off all of the plans. We had the EEG last week, sleep study was scheduled for this week and neuro visit after those results come in.  We’re really looking forward to some answers. The results of the bloodwork he had done showed that my son has XXXY chromosomes instead of XY. More on this later. I’m just barely starting my research on that.

I walked outside to check the mail to find that Will had bandaged our azalea bush. It was covered in bandaids. Guess it has issues.

The day got so much better when I got a call from a lady saying that I was in the running for the job of Pillsbury Crescent Brand Ambassador! I have a couple of recipes to send her by Friday and a few other things she needed. I was so tongue tied when she called it’s a wonder that I could even speak.

Caitlin and I have been trying new recipes with the Pillsbury Crescent sheets since we found them. No more piecing the crescent triangles together to make that big sheet of flaky dough! It’s all ready to go now! How cool is that? Caitlin is super thrilled that she found some butter flavored crescents. New ideas coming all the time!

Will came running in about 7pm yesterday saying the house next door is on fire. Well, I always take what he says with a grain of salt. I got my daughter out of the house and we watched the firemen work for a bit. Yes, there were several fire trucks in our front yard! Turns out our neighbor smelled a burning smell in their room (similar to the smell when you turn on that heater for the first time). The firemen didn’t find anything so they wrapped up and left. Of course by this time more neighbors were outside wondering what was going on.

One of the firemen was our old neighbor. I say old…he is 19 but he used to live two houses down. His family moved a few months ago. Seems only yesterday his mom was over here upset because he’d bitten a child while he was in kindergarten!  They grow up so fast.

Just thankful that there really was no fire, that Pillsbury called on a day when I really needed the pick me up, Will got to see the firetrucks and all the excitement, summer is here and the mosquitoes left us alone for a brief moment.

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Fun with family

We started the weekend by working on the house. It seems that owning a house really does take it out of you!

Yards to mow, edges to edge, floors to clean, and so much more!

I made it through my mountain of wash only to find a new mountain had taken its place! I am still working on it. Will I ever make it to the bottom of the laundry pile? I sincerely doubt it at this rate.

Will’s EEG went well. It showed no epileptic seizures during the test but it did show encephalitic brain. Not sure what that will mean other than I do hope to get some answers.  We go see the neuro after the sleep test on Wednesday. Maybe he will be the one we’ve been waiting for!

Sunday we thought what fun a crawfish boil would be. Silly me. I had no idea that 30 lbs was the minimum amount of crawfish you can buy. Okay, so 30 lbs. I can do that. Into the car they went…moving and grooving!

We looked up the directions. We needed to “purge” them. Purging involves pouring salt all over the crawfish then adding water. I gave that task to the kids. They had such fun playing with the crawfish. Libby has now decided to become a vegetarian. Or, at the very least, not look at her future food.

The kids had so much fun with the purging that I let them remove the dead crawfish from the batch. The instructions warned that we should discard any of those dead ones.  So, once I was able to get the kids away from the crawfish we got them boiling.  Everyone ate as much as they possibly could and we had a ton left over.

My dad suggested that we go ahead and get the rest cleaned and put up. My fingers have never been so sore! It really did a number on my thumb for sure. It wasn’t too bad until I ran water over them. Every little cut was now evident to me.

We wound up with a gallon bag of the crawfish meat. I will be making up a dish for them tonight. Can’t wait!

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