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I was searching a few Pillsbury related things online just now and saw several posts that people have been notified that they made the cut down to the final cut on the ambassador deal. Since I haven’t gotten that call I’m guessing I’m out of the running.  I never should have looked so I would still be walking on cloud nine over making it from 3000 down to one of 100. Oh well. At least I don’t have to wait for that call now, do I? It frees up so much time!

I can’t say I’m not disappointed but it was fun trying. We eat so many Pillsbury items it would have been nice to get to show some of them off for a change. I’ll have to stick to making them for the annual Halloween Blast instead.

Speaking of which, we’re working on the plans for the decorations at the moment. We had so much vandalism last year with several of the decorations being stolen. We’ll have to pretty much start over. I want to rebuild the fence and make it stronger. We’ll stick with the tongue in cheek style we’ve always had but it will definitely be different. I have plans in my head. I just hope they transfer to the yard!

Slam Dunk with SkullBall game in the yard

One side of the spooky casa


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