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Another week down

We made it through another week. Surprising but true.

My son went to see the endocrinologist. She ordered several tests…a bone age scan, a full body scan and blood work. Well, getting a 130 pound boy to sit for blood work just wasn’t happening. I tried everything I knew. We tried coaxing, bribing, distracting and even called in the “child life” specialist. She tried her bag of tricks. All in all there were six of us in the room trying to get this one little boy to let them take a vial of blood.

So, we’ll have to try again later.

Our next stop is the geneticist. Still waiting to hear who we are to see. The way Texas Children’s works is they call you. It seems like forever until you hear from them. We’re to go back to the endocrinologist in six months. Joys.

My mother in law was hospitalized for 10 days with heart issues. She is now doing great and is home.

My dad is having issues with his neck. Can’t move it at all. We’re hoping it’s because he stopped taking one of his meds. It seems one of the side effects can be joint pain. Fingers crossed that’s all that it is.

The bullying is still out of control at my son’s school. Another student transferred because of it. Not sure why their transfer request was accepted and ours was denied. Although, I’ve heard that since the school has been in the media due to bullying they’re granting the requests more often now. Maybe I’ll have to try again!

Hubby is still working mega hours for no extra money. Anyone have a job for a really great corporate controller?

Eldest daughter fell off of her longboard and scraped her knee. She faulted me for asking why she was longboarding in a semi deserted parking garage at 10:30 at night instead of being concerned about her knee. Call me crazy but when a child calls laughing about an incident you typically assume they are okay and can then start nagging about the whys and wheres that the incident happened, right? She’s fine.

A group of “ladies” at my son’s school are being bullies (wonder where the kids get it, eh?). It got so bad I had to go to the principal to ask him to have them leave me alone. How very sad is that?

The good part is a new week is about to start. I can’t wait to see what it will bring!!!


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Did you know that Covergirl is 50 years old? I think they’ve done a great job keeping their image timely. Why else would it be a brand that not only I use but my 15 year old daughter love too?

I found out about the anniversary through bzzagent. If you’re not a bzzagent, why not? They are wonderful. I get to find out about cutting edge ideas and get to have input too!

It’s so seldom that anyone wants to listen to me. {{{giggles}}}

You might want to check out bzzagent too http://www.bzzagent.com


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