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CoverGirl Fun

I enjoy getting to try a few new things. It is nice because I so rarely get to do things just for me with the family always in need!
I am a member of bzzagent and if you aren’t, then you should be! They are a wonderful company. It is CoverGirl’s 50th Anniversary and they have a ton of fun things going on right now. Check them out on Facebook or bzzagent!


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Under the bed

I guess I lulled myself into a false sense of security. I thought my son had stopped doing many of the things he does. The therapy is paying off. Things are good. I can relax, right?
Wrong!! Today I ventured into his room and found so many things that just didn’t belong. He had:
Parts of a saddle
A package of Swine Dip
A boobies bracelet
Blush and a blush brush
A sign listing which of his teachers are the hottest and why (complete with pictures cut from his most recent yearbook)

With the exception of the last item none of these items belong to him. How and where he got them I have little or no idea.
What goes through his mind that makes him think he needs these items? Swine dip? Really? Does he even know what that is? I’m not sure I do but I can venture a guess. Now I’m wondering if that’s what he had an allergic reaction to on Thursday.

Did he feel like he needed to freshen up with a little dip and blush to impress the hot teachers?
Sometimes I just hope that day that this all seems funny comes soon. I’m not sure how much calm I have left in me.

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