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We do everything we do because we love our family. Why is that when something doesn’t go just so for our children they blame us? I guess that’s all part of motherhood. Nobody taught us that while doing what we consider a super important job we’d be constantly cut down and told why we don’t do it right. Where’s that stupid handbook?

If I try to wake my daughter up after she’s been up texting way past her bedtime I’m the bad guy. When she misses the bus because she didn’t get up on time it is my fault because the bus was early. We all know it had nothing to do with her oversleeping.

One can only hope that this will soon stop when her friends are driving. But, will that be any better? I think not. Then we have to worry that all of those unorganized, uncoordinated, egocentric teens are actually behind the wheel! And, what’s worse, behind the wheel with other similar teens in the vehicle with them!
I guess we give up the fight and realize we are the lame, useless adults our children think we are at least 80% of the time.

Our friends know better, right? Until then you should know me as The Cruel Ogre. And, if you’d like to know your villain name you can go to http://nine.frenchboys.net/villain.php


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