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So, I’m constantly in wonder over what goes through my son’s mind each day. Today it took me about 30 minutes to get him out of bed and on the way to getting dressed. I begged, pleaded, bribed and finally waved breakfast under his nose. He was able to get up, eat his breakfast and get mostly dressed. He needed socks. Drat…no matched socks to be found. Which brings up the question of where do boy’s socks go? The girls always have socks but Will’s socks disappear after each wearing. I bought 3 packs of black no-show socks. We used to call them footies when only girls wore them. But, now they’re “no-show” and they’re new and cool. Just wait, the little ball on the heel will make a comeback soon!
I matched a pair of socks for the boy and went to take out the trash. He met me at the car completely dressed. Or so I thought. He got buckled into the seat then realized he needed his wallet. He ran back in the house to find the wallet. He came back very proud that he’d found it on his own. He rebuckled and then said “oh no. I have to go get my other sock. I only put on one.”
I have to wonder what distracted him so much that he put on one sock and shoe then forgot to put on the other sock.
One of his little quirks is that he has to put on one sock, one shoe then the other sock and shoe. It’s such a process that I am amazed he would miss a step!
Finally, both socks and shoes on his feet, wallet in his pocket and he was ready!! Off to school he went.


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