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Okay, anyone who has a special needs child knows how difficult it can be to get others to understand what you go through. I’ve tried for the past 18 years to be a good volunteer at various schools in my area. My thought is that I was helping shape our future. I thought I was helping the faculty, staff and students. Not only that but I was happy to be the eyes and ears for other parents who might not make it up to the school on a daily basis.
I have had quite the “helium hand” for these past 18 years. I typically put in 1800 volunteer hours per school year. Not something to take lightly.
This is the first week back at my son’s jr high. I was asked to volunteer in the school library again this year as I did last year. I quickly agreed as I quite like the library gals. Well, today I was told that the volunteer coordinator has arranged all the needed volunteers for the library so I’m no longer needed.
If I wanted her to I’m quite sure the librarian would fight for me to stay there but why would I want her to jeopardize her job just so I can give my time when it’s not wanted? The volunteer coordinator does not like me. Let’s get that straight. She called me names, yelled at me and even threatened my son and myself in writing last year. She’s a not really the person I’d put in charge of getting volunteers into the school. But, you know the principal has his group of minions and it so happens that he would rather have her there than the 20 people I’ve heard say they won’t volunteer with her in charge. Hope he’s made the right choice.
So, this helium hand has popped. I’ve volunteered my last hours at WMJH. I helped with the bookfair set up today and I wish them well with the sale. I truly hope that the (as I call her) Wicked Witch of West Mo is happy. She won. I’m out of there.
I’m seriously hoping to have my son transferred to a different school at some point. It was only the 4th day of school and his special ed teacher told him he was going to have to repeat 8th grade. Um, she already knows this on the 4th day of school? Really?
It has been a very difficult decision for me but it was, once again, one that was made FOR me. I am not needed so why would I continue to force myself on a school?


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I sat down to write a letter. Yes, write. Not type. Not text. Write.
It’s been a long time since I’ve done more than jot down a school absence note. Writing is a skill that shouldn’t die out with the computer and cell phone age.
While I’m disgusted by the language and spelling used in most texts and on most social networks I am also guilty of throwing a “BRB” into a conversation. And I’m constantly “LOL’ing” even though I know better. Yet is it easier and actually considered more socially acceptable to type “LOL” instead of “Wow, that was really funny. I spit out a little of my drink when I laughed at your last comment.”
I’m going to write a letter a day. I’m on day six now.
The first letter I wrote was to the company that makes All laundry soap. I bought a bottle of their detergent and have been suffering with a missing spout. It wasn’t until the bottle was nearly empty that I realized the spout was there. It was just down inside the soap. So, I wrote to let them know. Here is it six days later and in today’s mail I received a very nice letter from them. Not only a nice letter but a coupon for a free bottle or box of All.
Not sure if my letter writing campaign can bring back good old fashioned letter writing but I’m going to do my part to try. Yes, I’llcontinue to write my notes to companies and chat with friends on Facebook. But, I’m also going to be using quite a few stamps!

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