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Bland Hair

I ran into a friend while I was out today. We visited for a bit.  Then, she asked what I’d done to my hair. I responded that I hadn’t had time to do anything. She told me that she really liked it today. She said “I love it the way it is now. It is so bland.”

Bland? Okay. I’ll bite. “What do you mean?” I asked. She said “The last time I saw you it had lots of gray streaks. It just looks better all one color.”

Then, she went on to show me her nails. She’d just spent 2 hours in the salon having her fingernails and toenails done. I complimented her and went on with my day.

It hit me then that the definition of luxury is different to everyone. She was upset because she wasn’t able to go have fake nails put on and had to settle for a gel set of nails. I feel her pain. I didn’t have the luxury of taking a bath yesterday. That, to me, is sheer luxury. Instead, I settled for a quick shower while my husband watched our son.

My son needs constant supervision. Usually, I have the hour and a half when he’s in school each day to do the things I need to do. However, he missed school yesterday so he was home all day. And, that means I get nothing done. When I say constant supervision I mean constant. I barely have the luxury of going to the restroom.

If I leave the room to go start a load of clothes, I risk him getting into some trouble. So, when he’s home, I’m pretty much glued to his side. I don’t have the luxury of washing clothes.

One of his obsessions is money. He loves money in any shape, form or fashion. He will go through the cars looking for it. He also goes through our wallets and purses searching for change or bills. When the guy at the drive through rolls his eyes when I use a debit card to pay for that $2 drink order I wish he knew I don’t have the luxury of keeping cash or change in my car or purse.

I don’t always have the time or energy to dye my hair. I don’t have the luxury of sitting in a salon chair for hours. I am just happy when I have the luxury of being able to take 20 minutes to dye my hair myself. Even if it turns out bland.



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My family

I am such a lucky mom. All three of my children are very independent, headstrong and loving adults now.

My husband is the most giving and loving man I have ever met.

Together we’re a totally crazy bunch.

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I ordered this set of BBQ tools from Alpha Grillers. BBQ tools

We have been grillers for 30 years and have been through about one set of tools per year. This Alpha Grillers set may be the last.
The tools are not lightweight. They feel very solid and sturdy. You get a pair of tongs, a spatula and a fork in the set.
All the tools have hanging loops. We have a set of hooks on our grill and this is perfect. It keeps the tools close at hand. The way these loops work is so much better than just a hole in the top of the spatula. They can move a bit easier and are easier to put on the hook and remove them too.
The fork is great. The tines are far enough apart that it will grip a larger piece of meat. The tines are strong and really sharp.
The spatula is a multi use tool. It has a bottle opener built into it. That’s super convenient. It works quickly and easily to open those pesky bottles.  The spatula is a good size. It gets under those burgers and really helps you flip them. The end is a little tapered so it gets under them very easily.
The tongs lock for storage. I love that as they are much easier to store when they’re closed up a bit. The tongs are strong and don’t bend. My favorite part of the tongs is that the inside edge of the handle is smooth. I have had far too many that were sharp metal. These are very well made. They also have a little rubber grip on the handle. It helps you hold onto the tongs while you’re working.
The handles are a good length. They aren’t so short that you burn your hands over the heat. They’re not so long that they’re difficult to use either.
I love that these are dishwasher safe. I hate having to hand wash everything after a big bbq. It’s nice to be able to just toss them all in the dishwasher. They came out great.
I received a discount on these so I could evaluate and provide my honest review.

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5-Hour Energy

I am a member of Smiley360. They send me products to try. I give my thoughts and share the info with others. I received the 5-hour ENERGY® shots supporting LBBC in Pink Lemonade flavor. Until December 31, 2014, Living Essentials will donate five cents from the sale of every specially marked bottle of Pink Lemonade flavored 5-hour ENERGY® to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. LBBC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. Not only did I learn about LBBC but I learned that I love 5-Hour Energy. I have tried others and they made me feel very jittery. This one didn’t. I just had more energy without the side effects. It worked great for me! #5hourGoesPink #FreeSamp

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Volunteer less?

I guess I should change the name of this to something other than the life of a volunteer. I don’t volunteer nearly as much as I used to. I used to put in a minimum of 2,000 volunteer hours per year. I was a scout leader for two troops, a room  mom, PTA president, anything that needed to be done I would do. That changed when a group of moms got pushy.

So, now I concentrate on my family. Don’t get me wrong, I do volunteer but it’s more like 200-500 hours per year.

The most amazing part to me is that even with the reduction in volunteer hours my house is more of a mess than ever! How does that happen? I know, I got lazy. I got into the habit of tossing things in the corner when I ran into the house. I didn’t stay on the kids about things because we were constantly running to meetings or events.

This year will be about getting more done in less time. Can it be done? We’ll soon see! Wish me luck!

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To those who want to chastise me for trying to what’s best for my son please just try on these Tom’s. I’ll gladly give them to you for however long you’d like to wear them. When was the last time you had to stay awake because you were afraid of what your son would do if you slept? When was the last time you got sick to your stomach at the thought of how people treated your special needs child? Are you enjoying having to meet with his teachers each year just so they know what to expect? How did it go when you had to meet with the Home Ec teacher to let her know he has a tendency to take knives and scissors? Did you stomach do a flip flop when they suggested he be removed from his favorite class based on what he might do? Are the arches getting a little tight on those Tom’s yet? Are your friends with neurotypical children shunning you because your child is different? Do they “get” why you have to do the things you have to do? Oh, it look like you’re getting a bit of a blister there. How long has it been since you went out with friends? Or, even with just your husband? Oh, those shoes are getting tighter, aren’t they?
How’s the stomach doing when you find out another child is having a birthday party that your child is the only one in the class who wasn’t invited? Or, how about the unimagined yet totally true case where a parent called to let you know his child HAD to give yours an invite because of school rules but they really don’t want him there. Maybe some socks would help that chill you get when you don’t know where your child is because they lack the understanding of who a stranger is. I’m not asking you to walk a mile. Just stop and think about what I might be dealing with when you want to lash out at me for being overly protective.
I was chastised today because I do meet with my child’s teachers at the start of each year. I like to let them know what to expect from him and what to look for in seizures and that sort of thing. I went to my meeting today feeling totally defeated. It was as if every bit of air had been sucked from my body and I was just a limp shell of myself. I did try to communicate with the teacher about the seizures and the likelihood that he would walk out with a knife or something equally dangerous. Not because he has plans but he just can’t help himself. As I sat there with assistant principals and the teacher staring at me I was reminded of how I was told by this parent of a neurotypical child that I should try staying away from the school and let things happen as they should. I realized at that moment (okay, I’ve realized it before but never quite this unexpectedly) that I would never again be a “regular” parent. I was a “regular” parent for years but now I’m not. I’ll never again be the “regular” parent who can just let things sort themselves out. I have to sit and listen to the administrators and teachers decide how to handle my child, how to keep others safe from him and what the plan is for the year. So, tell me..how are those Tom’s feeling right about now? Enjoy your shoes. I hope they’re a bit more comfy for you.

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I sat down to write a letter. Yes, write. Not type. Not text. Write.
It’s been a long time since I’ve done more than jot down a school absence note. Writing is a skill that shouldn’t die out with the computer and cell phone age.
While I’m disgusted by the language and spelling used in most texts and on most social networks I am also guilty of throwing a “BRB” into a conversation. And I’m constantly “LOL’ing” even though I know better. Yet is it easier and actually considered more socially acceptable to type “LOL” instead of “Wow, that was really funny. I spit out a little of my drink when I laughed at your last comment.”
I’m going to write a letter a day. I’m on day six now.
The first letter I wrote was to the company that makes All laundry soap. I bought a bottle of their detergent and have been suffering with a missing spout. It wasn’t until the bottle was nearly empty that I realized the spout was there. It was just down inside the soap. So, I wrote to let them know. Here is it six days later and in today’s mail I received a very nice letter from them. Not only a nice letter but a coupon for a free bottle or box of All.
Not sure if my letter writing campaign can bring back good old fashioned letter writing but I’m going to do my part to try. Yes, I’llcontinue to write my notes to companies and chat with friends on Facebook. But, I’m also going to be using quite a few stamps!

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