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Okay, anyone who has a special needs child knows how difficult it can be to get others to understand what you go through. I’ve tried for the past 18 years to be a good volunteer at various schools in my area. My thought is that I was helping shape our future. I thought I was helping the faculty, staff and students. Not only that but I was happy to be the eyes and ears for other parents who might not make it up to the school on a daily basis.
I have had quite the “helium hand” for these past 18 years. I typically put in 1800 volunteer hours per school year. Not something to take lightly.
This is the first week back at my son’s jr high. I was asked to volunteer in the school library again this year as I did last year. I quickly agreed as I quite like the library gals. Well, today I was told that the volunteer coordinator has arranged all the needed volunteers for the library so I’m no longer needed.
If I wanted her to I’m quite sure the librarian would fight for me to stay there but why would I want her to jeopardize her job just so I can give my time when it’s not wanted? The volunteer coordinator does not like me. Let’s get that straight. She called me names, yelled at me and even threatened my son and myself in writing last year. She’s a not really the person I’d put in charge of getting volunteers into the school. But, you know the principal has his group of minions and it so happens that he would rather have her there than the 20 people I’ve heard say they won’t volunteer with her in charge. Hope he’s made the right choice.
So, this helium hand has popped. I’ve volunteered my last hours at WMJH. I helped with the bookfair set up today and I wish them well with the sale. I truly hope that the (as I call her) Wicked Witch of West Mo is happy. She won. I’m out of there.
I’m seriously hoping to have my son transferred to a different school at some point. It was only the 4th day of school and his special ed teacher told him he was going to have to repeat 8th grade. Um, she already knows this on the 4th day of school? Really?
It has been a very difficult decision for me but it was, once again, one that was made FOR me. I am not needed so why would I continue to force myself on a school?


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What did Will do now?

My day had just gone downhill from the time I got up yesterday. My son has been on track for a sleep study for almost six months. They called to let me know that the doctors wouldn’t be in on Tuesday so we had to reschedule. And, unfortunately, there was no open appointment. Hm. I guess the “doctors” didn’t know they were supposed to work?

This would really throw off all of the plans. We had the EEG last week, sleep study was scheduled for this week and neuro visit after those results come in.  We’re really looking forward to some answers. The results of the bloodwork he had done showed that my son has XXXY chromosomes instead of XY. More on this later. I’m just barely starting my research on that.

I walked outside to check the mail to find that Will had bandaged our azalea bush. It was covered in bandaids. Guess it has issues.

The day got so much better when I got a call from a lady saying that I was in the running for the job of Pillsbury Crescent Brand Ambassador! I have a couple of recipes to send her by Friday and a few other things she needed. I was so tongue tied when she called it’s a wonder that I could even speak.

Caitlin and I have been trying new recipes with the Pillsbury Crescent sheets since we found them. No more piecing the crescent triangles together to make that big sheet of flaky dough! It’s all ready to go now! How cool is that? Caitlin is super thrilled that she found some butter flavored crescents. New ideas coming all the time!

Will came running in about 7pm yesterday saying the house next door is on fire. Well, I always take what he says with a grain of salt. I got my daughter out of the house and we watched the firemen work for a bit. Yes, there were several fire trucks in our front yard! Turns out our neighbor smelled a burning smell in their room (similar to the smell when you turn on that heater for the first time). The firemen didn’t find anything so they wrapped up and left. Of course by this time more neighbors were outside wondering what was going on.

One of the firemen was our old neighbor. I say old…he is 19 but he used to live two houses down. His family moved a few months ago. Seems only yesterday his mom was over here upset because he’d bitten a child while he was in kindergarten!  They grow up so fast.

Just thankful that there really was no fire, that Pillsbury called on a day when I really needed the pick me up, Will got to see the firetrucks and all the excitement, summer is here and the mosquitoes left us alone for a brief moment.

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Will decided to do a little artwork around the backyard. His norm is to not admit to anything.

At first I noticed the fence with a nicely painted Smiley face. His only comment was  “I’m working on my Graffiti” when I asked where it had come from that day.

Where did he get the spray paint? Good question. That one took me a few days to figure out. Turns out he “borrowed” it from the neighbor.

We also have a car parked in our yard. Hubby says one day he’ll sell it or get rid of it. It’s still there 5 years later. Will did a little artwork on it as well. He also tagged the garage.

Any sane person would say “gee, how did he have time to do all of that with nobody noticing?” Keep in mind he’s sneaky and very fast!

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domino hunt of April 2010!

I was putting out the trash cans this morning. I saw a domino. I knew I’d
just bought a box of them for the necklaces I make. Um, yeah, these were the
same ones I’d just bought (colored dots so very different).

Hm, there’s another one. I walked a little more and saw them lining my driveway. I’m
walking up the driveway in my socks picking up dominos and trying to hold
them all in my hands. Of course I’m cussing under my breath the entire way up the drive. Oops, there’s
another one in the neighbor’s yard. I got almost to the fence when I started
wondering if any neighbors were watching the hunt and if so just what would
they think I was doing!
Maybe they’re jealous because I was obviously finding something worthy of hunting!

I started giggling and couldn’t stop.
No clue why Will needed to make a domino path in the yard but it gave me a
laugh. Will has no idea why they needed to be in the yard and driveway but he thought it was nice of me to pick them up. Probably so he can put them all back out there tomorrow.

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I’ve been dealing with bullying in our school with my son for years now. This year (JR HIGH) has been the worst ever. I’ve been trying to get the situation under control since August and nothing has changed.

I started an anti bullying group but not much has come of it as of yet.
I’m on a list for parents of children with disabilities and received a link for another group in town. Parents against bullying. Yippee. Finally someone who thinks like we do!

Well, it’s just starting out. Sort of like my group. Just not sure how to make people sit up and take notice. A few weeks ago a parent went to the media and put her daughter on the news. She has been fighting the bullying for 3 years since her daughter started at the jr high. Oh, great, people were talking about the bullying. I was so sure something would come of it. So far nothing. The talk has died down and things are back to usual.

How do you help your special needs child understand that people are just mean? Today I was working as a chaperone and a boy said to me “those boys at my table are calling me gay.” I asked why he didn’t change tables if they weren’t being nice. I even went as far as to suggest a table for him. His answer was “I can’t sit with her, they’ll call me a retard for sitting with the retards.” I said “surely you didn’t mean to say that to me, right?” His answer then was “that’s what we call them because they ride the short bus”

It was all I could do to find a coach to help him with his name calling situation. He didn’t see any similarity in what he did and what his bullies were doing. I think I did remarkably well considering this is a child who has punched my child in the face and arm this year already.

The coach later came up to chat and said “you know he brings it on himself because he’s just as bad as they are.”

When will it stop? The school was getting sort of bad a few years ago. I went to the then principal and assistant principal and asked what we could do. Their answers to me were that the school was “not that bad” the bullying “was not out of control” and as far as the known gang members on campus “we mostly have wannabes.”

Since that time things have escalated and we’re in awful shape. Oh, on the surface it’s wonderful. If you were to walk into the school on a day that the police were not parked in front you’d want to move in and put your child in school immediately. However, if you do your research, talk to other parents, talk to other students and just keep your eyes open you’ll soon realize how far from wonderful we are.

I just wonder if I’d pushed more back then if it would be better now.

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