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I ordered this set of BBQ tools from Alpha Grillers. BBQ tools

We have been grillers for 30 years and have been through about one set of tools per year. This Alpha Grillers set may be the last.
The tools are not lightweight. They feel very solid and sturdy. You get a pair of tongs, a spatula and a fork in the set.
All the tools have hanging loops. We have a set of hooks on our grill and this is perfect. It keeps the tools close at hand. The way these loops work is so much better than just a hole in the top of the spatula. They can move a bit easier and are easier to put on the hook and remove them too.
The fork is great. The tines are far enough apart that it will grip a larger piece of meat. The tines are strong and really sharp.
The spatula is a multi use tool. It has a bottle opener built into it. That’s super convenient. It works quickly and easily to open those pesky bottles.  The spatula is a good size. It gets under those burgers and really helps you flip them. The end is a little tapered so it gets under them very easily.
The tongs lock for storage. I love that as they are much easier to store when they’re closed up a bit. The tongs are strong and don’t bend. My favorite part of the tongs is that the inside edge of the handle is smooth. I have had far too many that were sharp metal. These are very well made. They also have a little rubber grip on the handle. It helps you hold onto the tongs while you’re working.
The handles are a good length. They aren’t so short that you burn your hands over the heat. They’re not so long that they’re difficult to use either.
I love that these are dishwasher safe. I hate having to hand wash everything after a big bbq. It’s nice to be able to just toss them all in the dishwasher. They came out great.
I received a discount on these so I could evaluate and provide my honest review.

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